So… this blogging thing

I’m new to this. I’ve never posted a blog or a something like this before. I only started using Twitter about 6 months ago and to be honest that still baffles me. This means that a few things might be a little bit disjointed. I spent the last year documenting things that went on in my medical school, but not actually posting them online for fear of what the GMC would do to me. Now that things are a little bit clearer on that I think I can start to do this. (Shame about the waste of the domain name for a year though).

I’ll probably start with a few “back issues”.. some of my scribblings and ramblings from last year and see how it goes from there…

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6 Responses to So… this blogging thing

  1. So excited to see you on here! Looking forward to seeing more posts 🙂 xx

  2. kawaidenyse says:

    I’m a medical student too 🙂 great to see a fellow meddie on wordpress 🙂 looking forward to more entries!

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