Hey! I’m a Graduate Medical Student at a UK Medical School and I tend to be thoroughly pissed off about everything, especially idiot patients, even more idiotic doctors and my “football” club.

Stories of patients (with awesome new names so you can’t find them, ever), doctors (with awesome new names so if they’re treating you you’ll never know) and medical education (which may or may not make you more or less nervous about letting that medical student take your blood).

I use this to treat myself

I use this to treat patients

And I use this to treat myself:


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PS: I am a medical STUDENT. I am not a qualified doctor. Do not take anything here as law. Please consult your own doctor. I cannot give real advice other than that. A lot of what I said is tongue in cheek, my views are my own and not those of the NHS, my trust or my medical school.

Any questions or anything, comment on here, or send me an email: Themedicalstudent@mail.com


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  1. studentzooey says:

    Hey.. I really love reading your blog.. I didn’t realise how crazy being a med student was!.. also I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award.. I’ve popped the rules on my blog here http://studentzooey.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/one-lovely-blog-award-apparently/ and yeah.. so thanks for making me realise some students are working so much harder than us lazy first years 🙂 haha xx

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